venus/arlo, any prns, i-mex, lesbi, enby 😎

before you follow gg stan, mainly loonafromis + ggs, im a minor, i make kys / die jokes, i type in double spaces, main/priv, dont rly tw unless i think it's srs, if I'm priv req ok, she/her pref for friends only, not only kpop, i hate alot of bgs so 🤷

dont follow if bg stan, stan more bgs than ggs, basic dnfi criteria, -13/20+, won't interact, anti my favs, annoying mlm, think wlw can opress mlm, cishet /srs, mcyttwt, u don't have a carrd, popper of a bg (ex. btspopper)

ults soloist hyuna fromis jisun hayoung loona jinsoul + ot12 bts jungkook jimin twice tzuyu momo itzy ot5 rv seulgi iz one wonyoung yena minju chaeyeon wjsn luda seola

semis iu aespa snsd everglow txt stayc bp sulli somi pixy chungha pixy enha yukika gwsn woo!ah! purki lightsum weeekly pinkfantasy deukae sunmi

i don't condone any problematic action done by my favs or a fandom im in, and i do hold them accountable.